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Tekna Plasma Europe SAS is a company specialized in the development and manufacturing of advanced powders (ceramics, metals, alloys…) by Induction plasma technology. The technology developed by Tekna allows to enhance the quality of the micron scale powder by increasing the purity and the pack density of the powders but also to modify the shape of the particles which has a direct impact on the flow ability. Tekna based in 200 boulevard de la résistance 71000 Mâcon, France and is a French legal entity which is a commercial entity under the French law (Articles L227-1 to L227-20 and L244-1 to L244-2 of the French commercial code). Tekna Plasma Europe SAS is a 100% subsidiary of Tekna Plasma Systems Inc. which an incorporated company under the Canadian law. Tekna Plasma Systems Inc. is located in 2935, Boulevard Industriel, Sherbrooke, Québec, J1L 2T9, Canada. Moreover, Tekna Plasma Systems is owned by a Norwegian holding named AFK which has an annual turnover about 700 M€. Tekna is currently involved in the additive manufacturing market as a powder provider and is looking to improve its product or develop new materials for specific applications. In fact, the induction plasma technology can be used to produce dense and spherical particles but moreover it allows controlling the chemical reaction/composition of the materials as well as its purity. For this project, Tekna proposes to use and improve the operating parameters of its inductively coupled plasma technology in order to develop new materials (powders) with specific shape, size and chemical composition in order to introduce new powders into the market dedicated to additive manufacturing applications and in particular for light weight structures.

Published on 3 July 2020